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Download Sneak APK For Android, APK File Named snake.nbs.and And APP Developer Company Is MAR SOFT . Latest Android APK Vesion Sneak Is Sneak 1.5 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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Snake is a game created in the mid-seventies of the twentieth century. Since that time, became a classic. Already in the first mobile "snake" was a mandatory game installed by handset manufacturers. Thanks to this snake has become one of the most popular games in history. To this day, helps pass the time waiting in line for cash or on a boring lesson or lecture. In the game the player controls a long, thin creature, whose task is to collect food (bright dots). All the fun hampered by the fact that after each meeting, eating snake longer. It is worth mentioning that depending on the game mode the player must avoid the walls. In the game there are 3 modes. The first is the classic mode. In him we have to eat a dot, the snake can not pass through walls. Another mode is "Survival" in which we have to eat as much as 10 dots with a snake can pass through walls - will be on the other side of the screen. Mode "Hardcore" is distinguished by two dots to eat but in this case, after eating every snake will accelerate. In addition, we must avoid collision with the wall. - The game was released in three languages: English, Polish and French. - To control the snake player can use the touch screen or physical keyboard.

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